Tales of Oz: Alice vol.1

A quest to fulfill. A debt to pay.

There are tales in Oz that have never been told.

Join Alice and her allies in this adventure where you will understand that, quite often, the chosen path is not the correct one, or that the word “ally” doesn’t have to mean “friend”… or maybe it does.

I want to live the adventure!

The Oz's tales
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Very soon, you will be able to live the beginning of this story in Android and iPhone!

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Tales of Oz

Alice's story

  The Queen of Hearts’ power is at its most in Wonderland. Her coup has ended successfully and her ambition knows no boundaries. But there is a small group that oppose this illegitimate government, they are known as The Cat`s rats.

  These events don’t go unnoticed to the divine being known as The Wizard Of Oz, who decides to get involved by bringing Alice from The Earth to the land of Oz, and with her, the possibility of bringing down the Queen of Hearts.

  Nobody trusts nobody these rough days in Wonderland. However, to bring down the Queen of Hearts they will have to learn how to see their partners like something more than simple allies.

  You will be able to impersonate Alice in a rebellion and hope story. Join The Cat’s Rats on their difficult task, and you will see that even in the hardest of times, friendship and trust can emerge, just the same as hate and treason.

Main characters

They should be rather familiar!

The Oz's tales. Alice: 
                        A young woman coming from the early 19th century London with extraordinary abilities for fighting. 
                        She arrives in the land of Oz with a mission to accomplish and a debt to pay to none other than the Wizard of Oz. 
                        An outgoing and resolute girl, that also harbours some doubts whether or not her cause is right or it just serves the Wizard of Oz plan.
The Oz's tales. White Rabbit: 
                        Ex member of the Queen of Hearts’ elite military forces: Royal Staircase. 
                        His body was substituted by an exo-squeleton that has made him a creature with supernatural capacities. 
                        This new body needs Chronoin, this substance creates a high dependency. He works for whomever can get him a Chronoin dose.
The Oz's tales. Crazy Hatter: 
                        He was already a lunatic before the Queen of Hearts laid hands on him. 
                        Because of his madness, he was able to endure every type of experiment and that is how he became the perfect agent. 
                        But his worn out mind, soon became more unstable and out of control. This is why he is now locked up in prison, under lake Ésganov.
The Oz's tales. Queen of Hearts: 
                        She proclaimed herself Queen of Hearts, after leading the coup that brought down the legitimate, although corrupt, Royal family. 
                        A charismatic, evocative and ambitious leader. Loved by all the inhabitants because she has been the reason for prosperity, 
                        stability and progress in a kingdom that was doomed.

Videogame features

You will feel part of the story.


Explore Wonderland and discover the secrets it hides. A 2D science-fiction world.

Day and night

Live through the videogame and watch as hours and days pass by. You will be in charge of your timeline!

Turn-based fights

Reminiscence clasic turn-based fights mixed with state-of-the-art techniques. Each battle will be unique!


Mind wrapping puzzles that will make you understand that any detail can change the situation in your favour.

Save your progress

Your progress is safe in the cloud. Play from any device.

Themed events

Every season of the year and every special date will bring along a special event.


Enjoy this adventure using your preferred gamepad . Have fun the way you like!

Integrated payment

This game contains integrated payment . An incentive to your gaming experience.

We are quite excited that you have read this far, it means the game we are developing interests you. We have got the project in kickstarter hoping to finance it and finish it as quickly as we can. If you have time, we invite you to drop by and take a look!

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